You're in good company with Engin

I liked the topics
Everybody participated and gave good input about the questions. I liked the topics and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other people.
Everyone was great
I think our call was informative, we had a good list of topics. Everyone was great. A lot of insightful comments, I'm glad that it was a mix of smaller companies, a medium company and a large company.  it was convenient to use Vectorly. I have two screens at my desk, so being able to see Vectorly and the zoom call at the same time was easy enough.
I liked the conversation
I liked the conversation that happened between the participants, that went above just answering the questions but into discussing each others answers - the topic itself was also great.
it was nice to chat with everyone
I enjoyed getting a chance to talk with other folks with the same responsibilities. Once we got the ball rolling it was nice to chat with everyone. I thought that the prompts were mostly interesting and flowed somewhat naturally into one another.

How our community works?

Thought Leaders
You can take part in podcast, webinar, write blog posts with Engin Community to establish youself as a thought leader
Co-learning batches
You can join co-learning batch and go through 16 co-learning session with other engineering managers
Community members
As a community member you get access to internal weekly meetups find mentor and possibility to friends among other engineering managers
Meet every 2 weeks
1 session = 60 min
2 cheats available

Engin is a co-learning community

Go through 14 co-learning sessions about different parts of engineering managers job and become Alumni
120 min
60 min
Professional growth
120 min
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Developer Motivation
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OKR for engineering teams
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Managing other managers
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Engin is a think tank

As a practitioner you can take part in podcast, webinar, blog with Engin to establish you as a thought leader in the community
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build-in online platform
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Shared Agenda to discuss together
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Practical tasks